The 13 reasons why Audiobook


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The 13 reasons why Audiobook


Thirteen Reasons Why


I loved it ! I mean the suspense after evry tape is…I have no words..I started reading that book n honestly, I finished it in one day !! I really like the way the tapes are connected to each other and The story is told by Hannah but is mixed with clays thoughts which creates a great balance cause we get to know what others think of her as well. Jay Asher’s book Is definitely a story which every one who reads would remember, because you start to think about different people’s behaviour.You begin to learn that the actions you potentially do, can affect someone’s life ! Beleive me or not I started thinking about that and started to think about everyone’s behaviour…..I learned so much from this book. I’d definitely recommend this book to all the readers out there, cause this book is absolutely amazing and thrilling ! It’s a life changing book.
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