Happiness Manifesto Course By Prakhar Gupta


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Happiness Manifesto By Prakhar Gupta


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What is Happiness Manifesto?

This playlist is supposed to be a combination of structure, principles and dark truths revolving around how to keep your life in order. It is NOT meant to be a course. I don’t intend to sell this, but I intend to keep this content exclusively for people WHO WANT TO MAKE THEIR LIVES BETTER. 

If any of the following words is a term you would use to describe your present or possible self, I would definitely suggest you check the playlist out-

  • Sad and Miserable
    • Lost
    • Meaningless
    • Depressed
    • Lazy
    • Undisciplined and Unfocused
    • Unworthy

When I got hit with depression myself, it was the summer of 2019. I was stuck in my apartment in
New York by myself. All my friends had left for home and I could not bring myself to get on a flight and go home to my family like this. I would lay in bed all day and cry. I would feel worthless and it would feel like everything I would do was purposeless. I felt small and incapable. I also felt unloved and defeated. It took me months to wake up from that nightmare. Along the way I built a very principled approach to tackling this distressing inevitability. You see, what I was feeling back then is not an exception, it is the expected. Sadness finds a way to you one way or the other- the default nature of life is chaos, as
Dr. Jordan Peterson says. 

When I had the formula, I went ahead and tested it with some of my friends. I was astounded to see them recover from their miseries faster than I did. In fact, a few of those experiments made me realise some of the possible components I was missing in my formula (like supplementation). Over months, I perfected the structure and waited for sadness to arrive. It came- DOUBT CAME AGAIN, but I was ready with my earned steel armor. 

Needless to say I’m happy as hell.

Welcome to the Happiness manifesto 

I made a promise to my audience around the time Sushant Singh Rajput died (and depressive suicide was the prominent theory) that I will condense my knowledge around depression and other phenomenons related to depression and make a playlist to upload on YouTube. However, for more than one reason I decided to release the play list later. 

We are finally releasing the Happiness Manifesto! 

But here is the deal, I am not going to release this content on my Youtube. From hundreds of high worth videos I’ve put out for absolutely free, I’ve realised people dont value it enough when the content is
0 rupees. Instead, I’m going to keep this playlist exclusive and ill tag it at a nominal ₹ 300/- for now. This way, I can ensure I can sustain the costs of hosting it, saving it from piracy etc. while ensuring that YOU will take it seriously. 

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