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Training Structure

  • Basics of Stock Market
  • Understanding of Structure of Indian Stock market
  • Market Activity report Analysis based on Fundamental
  • Correlation & analysis of Index, Sector & Stocks
  • Correlation & analysis of Price, Volume & Delivery
  • Stock Selection with multiple methods
  • Macro & Micro chart analysis
  • Identification of Major supply & demand zone
  • “PROFIT” based trading method
  • Training of your Eyes (i.e Professional Trader)
  • Identification of Right Entry, Target and Stoploss
  • Intraday Trading method
  • Swing or Positional Trading Method
  • Future & Options Trading Method
  • Long term & Wealth creation Planning
  • How to convert stock market activity to as a Business for regular earning
  • 2 Months Training in Live Market
  • 4 Level Test during the training because every trainee do work independently after the training
Ruby Caprich Course Full Course-Premium


Why join the Rubycaprich EPT program?

  • Knowledge of the stock market in the simplest and easiest language
  • Pure price action based analysis structure
  • Live market practice, during the training
  • No need to use any kind of Indicators or moving averages
  • 90%+ students success rate
  • Low risk and high reward trade set-up
  • Minimum risk : reward ratio is 1:3
  • Personal support system after the training
  • 100% transperent education environment
To be successful in the stock market, a candidate should focus on enhancing his/her skills and procuring specialised knowledge as it will help in building your dream career life.


Ruby Caprich Course Full Course Download Ruby Caprich Course Full Course Download Ruby Caprich Course Full Course Download Ruby Caprich Course Ruby Caprich Course Ruby Caprich Course

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