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Digital Masters Alliance 9 Course Bundle


India’s Top 9 Digital Masters



Everyone is now on the Internet. Everyone can now connect to anyone in and around the world using the power of this new media. Internet has led to a revolution unlike any other. The birth and advancement of the internet has led to modernization of many industries.


One such industry, which is greatly affected by the advancement in the Internet and technology, is the Advertising and Marketing industry. Over the past few years, we have seen a shift from traditional forms of marketing and advertising to modern form that involves social media as a key component. This transition has affected the Indian market in a major way and now, India sits in the front row of this digital revolution.


For the latter half of the last decade, India has seen a rise in the number of professionals taking up careers in the field of Digital Advertising and Marketing. Digital Marketing industry has grown rapidly in the country for the past few years and at the center of this growth is the Digital Masters Alliance.


Digital Masters Alliance is a group of India’s top digital masters who have come together to revolutionize the digital landscape of India. They aim to make India the hub for all things digital in the near future. The members of this Digital Masters Alliance are Avi Arya, Deepak Kanakaraju, Faheem Ahmed, Gaurav Gurbaxani, Gopal Krishnan, KulwantNagi, Sanjay Shenoy, Siddhart Rajsekar, and Sorav Jain.


Each of these 9 individuals are a master of some aspect of the digital marketing arena, and have come together to anchor the growth of digital marketing industry in India. Today, we take a look at their journey and how each one of them has helped contribute to the growth of Digital Marketing industry in India and around the world.


1) Avi Arya


Arya went from a street car racer to an hotelier who now has turned into a Social Media Influencer. He has been at the forefront of digital revolution in India.


Avi started his digital journey in the year 2003-04, even before Facebook and Twitter were invented. He started his digital journey by running Pay Per Click campaigns to promote his hotel among international tourists. Since then, Arya has grown his hotel business while also pursuing a career in the digital arena. In 2009, Avi started ‘Internet Moguls’, a digital marketing agency targeted towards the hospitality industry.


Arya started his YouTube show – #AskAviArya – in 2015, where he shares insights about how to grow business using the digital space. In 2015, Arya was awarded as The Best Speaker at the Social Media Mastery conference in Vancouver. Impact Magazine also listed him in the ‘Top 100 Digital Icons in India’ in the same year. Insight Success Magazine has listed Avi Arya’s Internet Moguls among The 30 Most Valuable Tech Companies.


Avi has given the industry a novel thing – Micro video. He advocates that one can get new clients with small videos made with mobiles. This micro-videos act a sales pitch where you can record yourself and say everything you would have rather said in your written pitch.


Arya has a book written along with online course for his micro video mastery course where he explains the benefits of using micro videos and how they can be a powerful asset in your digital marketing skills.


Key Career Highlights

  • 2003-04: Started PPC campaign for his hotel
  • 2009: Started Internet Moguls
  • 2010: Started conducting digital marketing training workshops
  • 2012: Appointed key personnel by Trip Advisor to promote Digital Marketing
  • 2014-15: Launched his YouTube show #AskAviArya
  • 2015: Named in ‘Top 100 Digital Icon in India’ by Impact Magazine.
  • 2016: Insight Success Magazine listed Internet Moguls as The 30 Most Valuable Tech Companies.
  • 2017: Featured among ‘Top 25 Most Influencive Influencers’


2) Deepak Kanakaraju


Deepak Kanakaraju, the seasoned member of the Digital Masters Alliance has been a part of this industry since 2008. A blogger by passion and digital marketing consultant by profession, Deepak started his professional career as an engineer before publishing his first blog in 2008-09 – Bike Advice. The blog grew exponentially, becoming India’s #1 Motor Cycle blog with over 1,00,000 followers and over a million views every month.



In 2012, Deepak decided to switch gears and joined many startups over the year as a Digital Marketing Manager and Consultant. Some of the startups Deepak has worked with and helped grow over the years include Practo, Zivame, InstaMojo, Razorpay and Exotel.


Deepak has since been a part of various workshops and training programs conducted across the world, teaching people about various aspects of Digital Marketing and how blogging can be a good career option as well as an option to generate side income while also keeping your main job.


Kanakaraju’s current blog – – now ranks among the top10 digital marketing blogs in India. His Facebook community is the biggest digital marketing community on the platform with over 2 lakh members. Deepak also hosts offline meet ups across India on a regular basis across the country to meet and greet with his community members.


Key Career Highlights

  • 2008: Started his first startup –
  • 2012: Joined Theorem India as Digital Marketing Consultant
  • 2013: Started another blog –
  • 2014-16: Worked as a Digital Marketing Consultant for various startups
  • 2017: Co-founded Pixel Track Digital alongside Sanjay Shenoy


3) Faheem Ahmed


The third master of this alliance, Faheem Ahmed is the founder and CEO of BYT Digital. Faheem is a Facebook expert who has been helping brands and training individuals to leverage the platform of Facebook for generating leads and converting them.


An expert in lead generation and conversion, Faheem has used the social platform to generate quality leads over the years to upscale his business while also helping others to find the right lead and target the right audience using Facebook ads.  With deep expertise in Customer Acquisition and Engagement, Faheem knows how to delight your customers and make them return to your site for more.


Faheem helps business build online stores and design marketing campaigns that generate leads and ultimately turn into sales. His work helps SMEs leverage the digital marketing platform to grow in a B2B and B2C space.


Throughout his career as a Digital Marketing Professional, Faheem has spoken on various platforms and events about the constantly changing digital space and how the internet, especially Facebook can be used to grow and expand business.


4) Gaurav Gurbaxani


Gaurav Gurbaxani or GG is one of India’s leading digital marketing professionals and an integral part of the Digital Masters Alliance. Gaurav is a digi-preneur who has built several startups catering to the digital marketing industry to help businesses and start-ups grow and take full advantage of this digital revolution.


Gaurav stated his journey in the digital marketing world in 2005. Gaurav received his first paycheck as a affiliate marketer at the age of 14. In 2007, Gaurav started his own digital marketing company – Pragmites Consulting – which helps SMEs leverage the digital platform to grow and upscale their business.


Gaurav also has an online training institute – – a place where people can learn the digital marketing skills from experts all around the world.


The latest edition in his long list of achievements: Gaurav Gurbaxani has started an online marketplace-


This platform is similar to some other marketplaces out there like Fiverr, Upwork, 99designs and more. But what makes this platform unique is its India-first approach. Gurbaxani and his partners at Digital Alliance have created this platform with the aim of making India the central hub for all digital marketing activities.


Over the year, Gurbanaxi has collaborated and worked with various digital marketing professionals, most notable of which is his collaboration with Ryan Davis from This collaboration aimed at making professional-grade training courses in digital marketing courses more accessible to the public and train more people in the art of digital marketing.


Key Career Highlights

  • 2005: Started a career into digital marketing arena
  • 2007: Started his digital company- Preagmites Consulting
  • 2014: Launched as a platform for people to learn Digital Marketing
  • 2016: Started his journey as a Digital Marketing Trainer and Speaker
  • 2020: Launched – a marketplace for digital marketers to showcase their skills and abilities before the world.


5) Gopal Krishnan


Gopal Krishnan, the ad specialist of the alliance, helps businesses scale up their operation by generating leads and converting them into customers. Coming from a programming and analytical background, Gopal started his journey as a digital marketing professional in 2009. He started his own company – Mypromovideos.


With Mypromovideos, Gopal helped businesses showcase their products and services in an animated video form. In 2015, Krishnan started his second company – Visual Marketer.  This company aimed at mixing explainer videos with online marketing to reach at greater scale of audience.



Krishnan’s specialty lies in creating marketing strategies and content that revolves around a single concept. Krishnan is a digital expert who is skilled in helping businesses reach their target niche without compromising on the quality of the campaign.


Gopal has also published an e-book, ‘The Story Triangle’. A book in which he talks about businesses can make money and generate revenue using just ‘ONE’ Facebook ad and that too without any landing page, website or email. He has turned his e-book into a training program as well.


The Story Triangle has been a huge hit among businesses and has received positive feedback from everyone who has been a part of the workshop or read the e-book. Gopal has trained more than 20,000 individuals and helped over 1,000 entrepreneurs and businesses to implement the Story Triangle in their business.


Key Career Highlights

  • 2009: Started his journey as a Digital Marketing professional
  • 2009-10: Started his company – Mypromovideos
  • 2015: Started another company in partnership – Visual Marketer
  • 2016: Created ‘Brand Funnel’ model


6) Kulwant Nagi


Kulwant Nagi is the master of Affiliate Marketing and one of India’s top bloggers. Engineer by studies and Affiliate Marketer by profession, Kulwant started his career as a digital marketer and blogger in the year 2011.


In 2011, Kulwant started his own blog as a part of his affiliate marketing practice,, where he shared his thoughts about various software and video making tools along with an affiliated link to buy the product. In 2017, Nagi started his own company – AffloSpark – an online marketing company that focuses on boosting online presence for SMEs and reaching a wider audience in the process.


Kulwant is also a professional speaker and a coach who helps SMEs and individuals get into blogging and affiliate marketing. Kulwant has been a speaker and a part of various training sessions in and across India. His love for travel and teaching is documented in a great way in his blogs.


Today, Kulwant is one of India’s leading Affiliate Marketer and most sort after speaker and trainer in India when it comes to the events and training programs for Affiliate Marketing and Blogging.


Key Career Highlights

  • 2011: Launched
  • 2012: Started another blog- Blogging Cage
  • 2017: Launched his online marketing company – Afflospark.


7) Sanjay Shenoy


Sanjay is the Master of SEO and back-link expert of the alliance. He started his journey in the digital world during the recession-hit period of 2008-09 as an SEO freelancer. Today, Sanjay runs his own company and has worked with startups across the globe.


In 2009, shortly after bagging his first freelance gig, Sanjay started his first digital marketing company – Clickmiester. This company aimed at helping SMEs takes advantage of digital marketing when it was relatively new to India. In 2014, Sanjay started working as a Digital Marketing consultant for various companies, helping them achieve their goals using the digital platform.


After this, in 2017, Sanjay alongside Deepak Kanakaraju started their Digital Marketing Training Institute to train individuals in the field of digital marketing.


Key Career Highlights

  • 2009: Founded Clickmeister Digital Media
  • 2014-17: Worked as a Digital Marketing Consultant for various startups
  • 2017: Co-founded Pixel Track Digital alongside Deepak Kanakaraju


8) Siddhart Rajsekar


Siddharth ‘Sidz’ Rajsekar started his digital journey in 2011 and today is one of India’s biggest digital marketing professionals and lifestyle coach. Before starting his journey as a digital marketing professional, Sidz was a sound designer by profession and had spent over $10,000 to learn the art of digital marketing and everything associated with it after calling quits as a sound designer.


In 2011, Sidz started his own digital agency with a team of 3 people and grew his company exponentially over the years where he worked with people like Tony Robbins and Brian Tracy. In 2018, Sidz decided to start a new innings of his life. Sidz stepped into the arena of information marketing by selling other people’s products and his courses online.


Over the years, Sidz has trained over 20,000 entrepreneurs in and across India on how to leverage the power of social media and blogging to grow their business. A spiritually grounded person, Sidz is the creator of ILH (Indian Lifestyle Hub), a hub where he teaches people how they can transform their lives by working from home and just for few days a week. Sidz has over 5,000 followers on his ILH.


Key Career Highlights

  • 2011: Started his journey as a Digital Marketing professional
  • 2013: Only Indian on the panel of Top Internet Marketing, Middle-East Summit.
  • 2018: Started his journey as a Lifestyle Coach


9) Sorav Jain


Sorav Jain, the last master on the list has been into Digital Marketing since he was 17 years old. An Instagram Influencer and a top digital marketer, Sorav hails from a family business background. It was the world of digital marketing that always intrigued Sorav rather than his family’s business. At first, when Sorav decide to pursue his dreams in the world of Digital Marketing, his family wasn’t supportive of the idea and did not support him.


This left Sorav with no option but to try out on his own without the backing and support of anyone. His journey in the digital world has not been a smooth one, but today, is one of the most influential digital marketers today. Sorav has held many titles throughout his journey as a digital marketing professional. Over the years, Sorav has also conducted and hosted various training sessions, seminars and webinars to train people in the field of digital marketing.


Over the years, Sorav has helped more than 70 brands grow digitally and meet their goal. In 2009, Sorav started his own company – echoVme – a Chennai-based Digital Marketing agency that has helped several businesses grow over the years. In 2019, Sorav started another company, Digital Scholar. This institute aims at training people in the art of digital marketing across all aspects of it.


Each of the masters in this Digital Master Alliance has played an equally crucial role in shaping today’s Digital Marketing Industry in India. But there is one more, who has silently worked behind the scene to help the industry grow. This player is Success Gyan.


Success Gyan is India largest educator in the offline space that aims at providing top class education at an affordable price. Each master of the alliance has been part of Success Gyan and through their platform, the Digital Masters Alliance have together educated thousands of individuals and entrepreneurs about the art of Digital Marketing.


I am lucky to be students of all these masters. I found all of them to be down to earth, likeable and knowledgeable.  All of them have inspiring missions, big visions and a giving attitude.  I am sure these masters will be able to make India the digital hub of the world.


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