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Why This Course?

Every Network Marketer faces these 4 key challenges & most of them quit the business because they are not able to find a solution to any one or more of these challenges –

  1. You have exhausted your Prospect list.
  2. People don’t start business with you after seeing your presentation.
  3. Your teammates don’t work actively and generate business.
  4. Your teammates quit the business really soon.

This is a unique, first of its kind program in the world that aims to solve all these 4 major challenges. After this program, you will have such a big list of prospects that you have to actually select to whom will you share your business presentation. Your sales conversion will multiply. You will recruit unlimited number of people who will actively build business with you. You will become a brand and people would love to stick with you. This program is full of latest international tools, solutions and insights that will instantly transform the way you have been doing business and can give you a breakthrough that you have been looking for so many years.

Whole world has shifted online and it is said that businesses that are not online, will soon be out of business. What is true for any other business is true for Network Marketing/Direct Selling also. People first look at your social media accounts before taking a decision to start business with you. Your social media accounts are your first impression. Leading Network Marketing leaders in America, Australia and Europe have already built big business empires online. The same trend has been catching in India and rest of Asia now. The good news is that you can still be a first mover in online direct selling business.

As per estimates, as on July 2020, Facebook had 270 Crore active users worldwide, followed by YouTube and WhatsApp with 200 crore active users. India is #1 country for Facebook with 31 Crore active users as of July 2020. Just imagine if you know how to tap into this market in the right way, you will never run out of prospects to speak to.

99% of Network Marketers today belong to any one of 2 these categories–

  1. Network Marketers who are not using social media for business.
  2. Network Marketers who are trying hard and spending a lot of time daily but not getting any results.

Why majority of Network Marketers are struggling to build direct selling online because building business online needs totally different mindset, toolset and skillset than building business in the field. Most of the old training and techniques for list expansion, approaching people, prospecting, follow up, sales closing etc. are obsolete because people have changed now. These techniques are not wrong but they don’t give results now because people’s habits and the way they live and communicate have totally changed. Network Marketers are trying to learn from digital marketers and other social media influencers but those courses don’t work for our business. These people ask you to use costly tools and spend huge money on paid digital marketing. Their strategies don’t help you with recruitment and business multiplication. The worst part is those trainings are not duplicable.

Social Media & Online Business Mastery by Deepak Bajaj is the most comprehensive and only training course that teaches you how to build your brand on social media, recruit unlimited teammates and multiply business online. Entire course is designed and conducted by Deepak Bajaj who has been actively involved in Network Marketing for more than 13 years and has been a record-breaking field leader. He has already trained and coached more than 8 lakh direct sellers and has been awarded as the best direct selling trainer of the year. His books, videos and online courses have already helped millions of direct sellers across the globe. The strategies and tools given in this course are easy to implement and give fast results.

Network Marketers have been dependent on their Uplines for training but the tragedy is – this is one area where most of the Uplines also don’t have the necessary expertise and skillset. This course is your best solution that gives you a new age business multiplication system to expand your business globally and build an ever-growing passive income revenue system.

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