Advanced Public Speaking Course by IDigitalPreneur


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Advanced Public Speaking Course by IDigitalPreneur





I guarantee that this is THE most thorough public speaking/course available ANYWHERE on the market. This is the most thorough course I have ever made and anyone can take it and see remarkable improvements in how to give a speech/presentation (you will learn to enjoy public speaking)!

Giving a perfect speech or presentation can change your life and the lives of countless others (life often comes down to a few short moments).

Course Goal is, From page to stage; you learn everything (yes everything) you need to know about giving a GREAT speech for business & personal presentations.


What Will I Learn?
  • Overcoming your fear of public speaking and developing great delivery
  • Improve Your Interview Skills
  • Illustrating and delivering your ideas
  • Master Your Presentations and Pitches
  • Get the Promotion You’ve Always Wanted
  • Confidence buildup
Skills covered in this course
  • Public speaking
  • Pitch and presentation handling
  • Confidence buildup
  • Interview skills enhancement
  • Ideas illustration and delivery




Ashutosh Pratihast
Founder and Director of 5 startups. One of the excellent public speakers. Trained over 1 million people. He is a Young entrepreneur and trainer with an educational youtube channel with 2.5 lakh+subscriber. On the mission to Change millions of life across the entire world. Apart from an educational and entrepreneurial background, he is an author as well.

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